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How do I measure my spa?

1.  You will need to find the full length and width of your spa.  If you have rounded corners we will also need your rounded corner radius.


2. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR RADIUS: To help you find your radius we do have a radius template sheet available to print on the order page.  It is on the right hand side of the order page where you would enter your measurement dimensions.  Just click here “Radius Template Sheet”.  This will bring up PDF with 12 different radius.  Please print and lay on the corner of your spa to match up the best radius.  After you get close please cut out that radius and hold up to the corner to confirm.


3. MEASURING TIPS: We also have more measuring tips available on the website.  Just click on the link below.   “Click below for Measuring Tips




Do you have any customer reviews or comments?

We do our absolute best to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their new spa cover purchase.  Many customers have written us to let us know their thoughts.  Please follow link below to review.



I have a odd shaped spa.  Can you build?

Sure we can build to any size or shape spa.  Even covers that need cut outs and speaker "boots".  On a very odd shape we may ask you to mail us a template for us to build to.  Building a template is very quick and easy and ensures you get a perfectly fitting spa cover.  Please click on the "Measuring Tips" link and review how to build a template.  As always please feel free to email or call us with any questions.



You recommend 1.5lb and 2 lb foam.  Why not 1 lb foam?

We do recommend ordering your cover with either 1.5 lb foam or 2 lb foam for extra strength.  If your cover is under an awning or a gazebo then the 1 lb foam will be sufficient.     Covers built with  1 lb foam tend not to be strong enough to sufficiently withstand the outdoor elements for the long term.  For example here is a 4" to 2" tapered cover with the 1 lb foam after the winter thaw (picture shown is not one of our covers).

What foam thickness (taper) and foam density do you offer?

1. Foam Thickness:  We offer three foam densities.  4” to 2” taper, 5” to 3” taper and a 6” to 4” taper.  The thicker the cover the more insulation it offers the spa.  We recommend for climates with moderate to harsh winter conditions to order a 5” to 3” taper of thicker.


2. Foam Density:  The higher the foam weight the denser the foam which will give greater strength.   1 lb foam will hold 40-45 lbs of weight, 1.5 lb foam will hold 70-80 lbs of weight and the 2 lb foam will hold over 100 lbs.  The thicker (taper) the cover the greater the weight bearing as well. Example:  6" to 4" taper with 2 lb foam  will hold 250 lbs+.


What is a Vapor Barrier?

The vapor barrier is the plastic barrier that protects the foam from getting heavy over time due to water absorption.  We build our covers with thickest poly  barrier that gives the absolute best protection against water absorption. We use an exclusive, state-of-the-art heat sealing process to further protect your foam.  THIS MONTH ONLY we are offering to wrap each foam section with two separately sealed plastic barriers.  This is a $29.99 upgrade but we are building all our covers with this upgrade for FREE.  The best protection anywhere....... (Period)

How heavy is a new cover?

Your new cover will weigh anywhere from 45 lbs to 55 lbs depending on your selected options.  New spa covers are very manageable especially if you were use to your old cover which may have been saturated with water and weighed 300lbs.  For the easiest cover removal you may consider ordering a cover lift to assist you in with the "on and off" process.  A cover lift is the absolute best purchase any hot tub owner could ever make.  It makes using your spa SO much easier and will certainly get you in your spa that much more.  We have a great sale on our cover lifters.  Why not add one with your new premium spa cover.

What is a Steam Stopper?

All covers come standard with two steam stoppers located at either end of the fold to help prevent any heat or steam from escaping from the fold when the cover is closed.  The full length steam stopper upgrade runs the full length of the fold for a better seal and greater insulation (R-Value).

What do you use on the bottom of your covers?

Spa Covers are more vulnerable form the inside than from the outside.   The underliner is a key component of your cover. Our covers are built with a chlorine and bromine resistant breathable mesh underliner. Some manufacturers use a solid liner, which can collect condensation in the interior of the cover which can cause eventual vapor barrier breakdown and mildew buildup. With a mesh underliner, the condensation easily drips back into your spa to avoid bacteria or mold growth or long term direct exposure to the vapor barrier.

What is a Cover Cap?

We are the only manufacturer to offer a premium CUSTOM built spa cover cap.  We build it with an extremely thick polyester sealed fabric for a water and weatherproof cover to help protect and extend the life of your new cover.  We custom build each cover for a form fitting fit over your spa cover to ensure it looks as good as it works. Protect your investment and let the cover cap take the abuse.

How long does it take to get a cover?

Covers take about a 7-10 days in production and ship time is 6-7 days.  We will email you your tracking information as soon as your cover ships and the delivery carrier will call you prior to delivery to schedule a delivery time.  We package our covers extremely well to prevent shipping damage.  The delivery carriers we use are very proficient in handling our covers with the utmost care to ensure you get a perfect cover the First Time.

What kind of warranty comes with the cover?

We offer the best warranty in the industry.  We pride ourselves with a less than 1% warranty claim rate. Our warranty is a five years warranty includes full protection against moisture in the insulation core. We're so sure of our advanced sealing technology, our warranty covers the insulation for 5 years. We invite you to compare this with any other warranty out there.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL WARRANTY

I have more questions!

Have more questions please feel free to email us directly at or call us at 800-483-6614.  Ordering a new spa cover can be a daunting task but we sell thousands and thousands of covers every year and are more than willing to help you in any way to make this a painless process and ensure you get the right cover your your spa and for your needs.  Thank you for visiting our website and hope you we have done a good job showing why our spa covers are the absolute BEST in the USA.

Hot Tub Cover Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hot Tub Cover Frequently Asked Questions
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